Design Suites Investments.

Most people have heard about Miami’s great investment opportunities but don’t know where to start looking or whom to turn to for guidance.
Design Suites Investments will help those investors who are not that familiar with Miami Real Estate and want to get a good insight into the market.

Why Investing in Miami?

Miami has undergone a cultural revolution in the past few years. The city has left its previous ‘Fun in the Sun’  image of spring breakers, retirees and tanned guys in sports cars behind and entered an era in which it established itself on the map for the Arts, Culture, High-end fashion and fine dining lovers. Moreover Miami is now home to an ever growing number of Multinationals establishing its HQs or South American Hubs in our city due to Miami’s excellent location and our ever growing highly skilled and bi-lingual work force.

Finally, Miami’s Brickell area (The Manhattan of the South) is home to the highest concentration of international banks in the nation just behind Manhattan.

Why Real Estate?

Miami is on everyone’s radar these days and we get calls from all over the world from investors looking for a good deal in Miami. The demand for property in this city is enormous and prices are still affordable compared to other global cities. Prices have been increasing in the past few years and there seems to be no ending to this as the demand for Miami Real Estate seems unstoppable.

Part of this demand is because of the enormous interest of South Americans in Miami. Wealthy Investors from South America buy properties here to be able to raise their kids in a stable and safe environment with the world’s best schools as well as put their money in an appreciating asset outside of their own (often politically and socially unstable) countries.

Vacation Rental Services.

We will maximize your investment, we will provide professional Vacation Rental Services, while you stay in Miami or while we are managing your unit on your behalf.

Most of our Vacation Rentals provide hotel services or the possibility to customize the rental to your needs.

Our Miami Beach vacation rentals are carefully selected, equipped, and decorated, to meet the need of our guests (vacationers and executives). With the guidance of our architects and decorators, we work on each unit to equipped it to make you feel at home.

We keep your property booked.

We can proudly confirm that we keep an occupancy average of 90%. Keeping it booked will help you raise your earning whether its low or high season.

Contact us, make an appointment and start increasing your earning and also enjoying it while you stay in Miami.

You will have your private owner access to not only reserve your apartment for private use, you will be able to know how your property perform.

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